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Dawn of Titans

Welcome to the Dawn of Titans free-to-play game guide.

In this guide we'll talk about how to maximise your rewards for the minimum number of gems. But, before we get started, let's talk about two fundamental requirements for being an F2P player. The first is patience. You are either going to need to invest time or money into this game. That choice is yours. This game can be as addictive as gambling. You can't play every hand and be successful. The difference is you can often see what the house has before you play your cards. In fact, most of the time they tell you with 24 hours' notice.

The second requirement is to determine your goal. The most important goal to decide upon is what you want to achieve in the game. Are you a Titan collector or looking for war and wish to compete at the top table? After you've decided that you'll have weekly event goals to weigh up as well as various other mini event decisions to make.

New To The Game

So, you've recently started play Dawn of Titans (DoT) and you love it. But you're asking yourself, how do I start collecting the best Titans and relics? My troop levels are low, and I only have a few 1/2/3 star Titans. Well, I don't want to spoil the sections that follow, but the key for you is to save your gems and event tokens and to start slowly.

In the early days if you have a 1.2x event boost Titan you'll be lucky. Most likely, you'll be competing in events with a 1.0x boost or 1.1x at best. But the catch 22 is, you need to start collecting 4* Titans to boost your souls on future events. The best way to do this is find an alliance who aim for a top 50 (or occasionally 100) position. Those alliances will set a minimum number of souls and you'll receive the event Titan as a team reward. You won't be able to afford to stay in that alliance every week but there are plenty who look for players on Facebook and some alliances actually have multiple teams (both creators of this site are members of SoulMari who have 4-5 teams, 2 of which are top 50. Reach out to us if you are interested).

The next step is to make sure you join the top 50/100 alliance when the minimum souls is low. Zeus, for example, would have required you to achieve over 28,000 souls. Meaning you would have unlocked the Titan yourself. But for the Oakentaur event, you could have done around 6000 souls and been rewarded with the Titan. Let's assume you have no 4* Titans, you'll be doing the event using a 1.0x boost but once you have him, when a similar event comes along, you now have a Titan who'll give you 1.1x boost or potentially better.

Oakentaur Event
Oakentaur Titan Boosts

Your 4* Titan collection has begun...

Titan Classes

There are 6 different Titan classes: Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Infiltrator, Champion and Guardian. I'm not going to go into detail about each one and some would argue, once your troop levels start to pass 20, the class doesn't really matter. However, you are new to the game so let's assume the majority of your troops are level 15 or below. In this case, the Titan class does matter as the Titan is more powerful than the troops. Here is what I recommend:

Don't worry about the others for now. The above are high damage, health, armour or resist Titans. Focus on a self-buffing (skills that improve the Titan rather than the troops) Titan to get you started.

There is however one reason to have one good troop buffing Titan as early as possible as well.Conquest. If I could only use one Titan for every level of conquest, with the aim of achieving max damage to every plinth, it would be Almarand. More on that later.


As this is a free to play guide, when we talk about currency we are talking about Gems. If you ever choose to top up your Gems with real money, that's your choice. Gems are expensive. Even the starter packs and offers, often available within the first 24 hours of a new event, aren't cheap. So, our advice is to manage your gems as if they are real money in your bank. For many, they are exactly that.

Now for the gold rule, the one rule that will see you collect every Titan you desire without opening your wallet. Say this one with me. Gems are for Portal Stones.That's it. It's really that simple. In fact if you follow that rule you should even have gems left to shorten a few troop upgrades along the way.

If you are new to the game and have very few or maybe no 4* Titans yet, you are currently at the most difficult stage of the game. In order to earn a 4* Titan from an event it's going to cost you because, for the majority of events, you'll have no event souls boosting Titan. My advice again is to be patient and use the event calculator on this website to minimise the cost of collecting your first few Titans. Additionally I'd recommend trying to collect a spread of classes and elements as you'll often see events souls boost for "infiltrators" or "4* fire Titans" in future Leaderboard events.

Portal Stone Relic Values

Now, let's start to get more complicated. Sometimes after a battle you'll be rewarded with a portal stone reward. This will provide you with either 3, 6 or 9 portal stones depending on the rarity (1, 2 or 3 star). Only use these during an event to support you in achieving your souls target.


Because it has a gems value attached to it. The cheapest way to complete an event is to grind and not purchase event tokens. Therefore, the minimum value you can attach to a portal stone relic is as follows:

1* Portal Stone Relic
1 Battle
18 Gems
2* Portal Stone Relic
2 Battles
36 Gems
3* Portal Stone Relic
3 Battles
54 Gems

Once again, do not use your portal stone relics outside of events.

Investing REAL money

If you choose to invest a bit of your hard-earned cash to get ahead or make life easier, let's talk about what you should invest in. My recommendation is to wait for a starter pack, which is usually available for the first 24 hours of an event.

These deals sometimes offer 7800 gems for the normal price of 4500 gems so it's a huge saving. Alternatively, there are often slightly more expensive offers of 2 two-star event tokens, 2 three-star event tokens and 100 portal stones. This isn't great value if you are following the golden rule but it is better than the usual 4500 gems deal if the price was like for like as you are unlikely to pull better than 2700% (2x450%, 2x900%) from 4 pulls.

Event Play

Titan Soul Boost

For every Leaderboard event, different Titans provide different souls boosts per battle. These generally range from 1.0x (no boost) to 1.4x, with additional boosts, that exclude event tokens, reaching up to 1.8x by attaching the relevant souls boost relic to an infiltrator that matches the event element.

Confused? I don't blame you, so look out for Titan boost guidance for each event on our leaderboard event calculator page.

Loki's Trinket
Minotaur's Bounty

In the examples above, Loki's trinket boosts Lightning souls events and Minotaur's Bounty, Iron soul events. Remember the additional boost doesn't apply to event tokens, however the 20% is rounded up, meaning a usual 1.2x boost would become a 1.5x boost (1.2x + 0.24x).

You may think there isn't much between a 1.1x and 1.2x boost, or 1.3x and 1.4x boost but you'd be wrong. 1.1x rather than 1.2x on a standard 18,000 souls' event is 2500 gems minimum! That means grind all the way. Not to mention the extra 137 battles you'd have to do. The difference between 1.3x and 1.4x is less but still significant (~1800 gems, 99 battles).



Below are my top tips for achieving your event target for the lowest number of gems possible:

Event Tokens

Every event offers event tokens as rewards along the way. They are usually elementally themed like "Frost Token" or "Flame Token" and they can be redeemed immediately or saved for a future event. This is really not very clear but is a key part of the F2P gameplay. The only relics you should have in your relic storage are ones you received outside of Leaderboard events (gifts, ToW rewards etc.) and conquest event tokens. More on that later.

The real question therefore is, what is the true value of an event token? We know the cost is 2000 gems but that isn't the same as their value. Of course they save you time by reducing the number of battles required but let's take that out of the equation for a moment.

Each battle costs 3 portal stones. 3 portal stones costs 18 gems.

1* Event Token = 300% x 8 battles = 24 battles saved = 432 gems

2* Event Token = 450% x 8 battles = 36 battles saved = 648 gems

3* Event Token = 900% x 8 battles = 72 battles saved = 1296 gems

4* Event Token = 1800% x 8 battles = 144 battles saved = 2592 gems

Determining Your Goal

The first thing you should do is review the event rewards and use the event calculator. If there are gems, portal stones or event token rewards close but beyond your goal, consider their value and whether it's worth stretching to them instead. It's worth seeing how far you can get via battles and saving your event tokens for another event later down the line if you have the time available.

Alliance Alignment

Different alliances aim for different rewards each event. You get some who target the top 50 places as the players want a second copy of a Titan, a chance for a better set of skills on the Titan or the Titan for less than the individual souls cost (e.g. an alliance might set a minimum souls count of 6000 souls, achieve a top 50 place and then you get the Titan for only 6000 instead of 15,000 or so). Other alliances target between 100-250th place so they each receive 4000 gems as their reward. Personally, I bounce between teams in my alliance. If I want to complete an event, I'll take 4000 gems as a reward to pay back some of my investment. If I don't want the relics then I'll take the Titan for a lower souls count.


Every player in the alliance should be requesting reinforcements 3 times a day, whether they need them for battle or not. By doing this the team gets the opportunity to add to their gems for free.


Warp Stones

During conquest a "plinth" appears just south of the neutral lands. This plinth must be destroyed and, in order to battle the enemy, you need to collect Warp Stones (10 per battle). When the event starts you'll have the full 50 Warp Stones available so hit it quickly and get your timer going. This timer provides one Warp Stone every 25 minutes so make sure you are 20 or more below capacity when you go to bed to keep it ticking overnight.

In order to increase your Warp Stones you need to participate in regular battles. You'll be guarenteed 3 battle rewards per battle and not only can you hit lands for 3 portal stones (18 gems) but you can even play capture ping-pong (cap pp) at an equivilant of 6 gems per battle. If ever you are going to do some grinding then Conquest week is it as it significantly helps Relic upgrading.

Warp Stones

Event Tokens

Event boosts in Conquest work slightly differently to Leaderboard events, so let's compare them.

A 1* Leaderboard event token provides you with 300% extra souls. That saves you 24 battles or 432 gems as we discussed earlier. However, a 1* conquest event token provides 10% additional plinth damage. With four uses that's 40% of a single battle. As a single warp stone costs 60 gems, we could say its worth 240 gems. However if you are prepared to grind a little more you should expect to get 4 warp stones from around 10 battles, which would cost you around 60 gems.

In addition to their value being different, the usage strategy should be as well. Whereas Leaderboard events cycle their element, conquest does not. This means you can pull your conquest event tokens, see what you get and then strategically use only what you need to. Luckily for you we have a brilliant Conquest event planner to allow you to see what you need to use to get over the line of your target.

Completing Plinth Level 8

Plinth Level 8 is the first plinth that contains a 4* Titan. Assuming you are able to get close to max damage for all plinth levels, you should be able to complete plinth 8 without using any event boost tokens and may even have a couple of portal stone relics saved.

Completing Plinth Level 10

If you pass this stage, you've done it! Congratulations. You'll receive the main prize and you'll be in with a good chance of getting a 4000 gems reward for your efforts as well. Titan rewards at this level have included LuBu, Avalos, Poseidon, Ladega and a few other great Titans.

Personally, I've found the best Titans to use for Conquest are:

While I'm sure there are many others, these are the ones I've had the most success with and can achieve max damage with regularly.

League Play

Are you looking to grow and build your Titan collection or go to war?

As you grow you can begin to climb the leagues and increase your end of season rewards by joining a good alliance. Any league up to and including Elite is usually fairly friendly. There isn't a lot of garrison hitting or VP land capping. Beyond that though, anything goes. In Masters and Legends, VP hunting is a full time job and if you haven't collected the VP from your own lands in the last two hours then you should expect them to be captured as they'll be ripe for bonus.

Titan Tokens

There are two types of Titan tokens. Both offer the same chance of receiving a 4* Titan (believed to be around 2.7%) but one provides Titans at level 1 and the other has them pre-levelled between 20-30. These Titan tokens cost 2000 and 8000 gems respectively but I'd never suggest you buy them due to the low chance for a 4* Titan reward. Instead wait to earn these tokens from event rewards or even the daily calendar reward and save them for a 3x chance event. You still shouldn't expect one, but at least your chances are increased. I actually received my first 4* Titan (Mitano) via one of these tokens and on an exceptionally luck pull, dropped my first Kronos via the Temple.

Theatres of War

Theatres of War is a brilliant event. It brings out the moaners who don't get the main reward (for free may I add) but with around 6 battles against Gold and 10 against Silver (assuming you hit them as the timer ends) you are highly likely to boost the next event with a few event boost tokens and may even get a 4* relic or two as well. Also don't forget to hit all of the Titan Monuments during ToW as they will all open up, boosting your Titan food supplies.


Well, that's all I have for you currently. Despite its length, I'm still only really scratching the surface of guidance and advice. There will be things you may disagree with and others you think I've missed. If that's the case, feel free to use the contact us form on this site and I'll be happy to discuss anything further.

Thanks for reading.