Our Mission

To create a loyal group of strong and knowledgable warriors who achieve 4K gems every season in Master or Legend.

SoulWari League History

Before SoulWari, there was SoulMari, a family of alliances that served the needs of every type of event player, whether they were looking for a Top 50, Top 250, or a rest team. The alliance's strongest and most adventurous warriors soon yearned for battlegrounds where they could test and utilize their strongest titans and earn the best rewards. SoulWari was born from the desire of these warriors to compete for 4K gems and earn great league rewards every week. SoulWari has a Top 250 success record of 100%, always achieving 4K gems.

Joining SoulWari

If you are interested in joining our warrior family or any one of our event teams, come get to know us in our Line chatroom. Here we will share each teams goals, rewards and minimum requirements. We have something for everyone, no matter what your account level. Make sure to say hello when you join.

Scan the below QR code (Friends -> Add Friends -> QR Code then scan or select QR code screenshot)

Once you complete our orientation process to learn how to sign up for teams, you will be invited to our Members chatroom.

Players who fail to meet requirements will be kicked before rewards are received.


VP Record

Top VP Hunter Ever

Souls Record

Top Souls Gatherer Ever